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Listed 10/20/05
Distribution Equipment (new, never used):
        3 each        ?OA SM4Z Fuse Elements                    $268 each
        3 each        SM4Z fuse end fittings                            $1,063 each
        1 each        Pad Mounted Switchgear  15kV  95kV BIL   PSI/II-9-44221-B1-B2-G1-G2    $8,183
        1 each        Primary Metering Cabinet SPMD-31522-22-GA        $12,404 
        1 each        Ground sleeve SPMD meter cabinet   FSG 725832             $1,026
        1 each        Ground sleeve for PSI/II-9 SG   FSG 675932        $848
        1 each        Pad mount transformer 150kVA 3-Phase  12470/480Y/277 radial      $3,500
        11 each     Load break bushing insert 15kV 200Amp  ELA(Elastomold) 1601A4   $222 each
        1 each       SCH 35251  SV4ST FM8/9S 120-480 1 KYZ  Wired to term  CL20    $288
All reasonable offers will be considered.  Equipment located in St. George Utah.  
   Contact Milt Fyre 503-351-9898 or
Niagara Mohawk is having a
huge inventory disposal sale/auction of distribution hardware and associated miscellaneous items.  These items will be sold in an informal auction/bid process.  To look at the items for sale down load the  following Excel files.   File 1   File 2   File 3   To purchase or make an offer Contact Tim Felasco Phone  315-460-2947    Fax 315-457-4325  Email:   Click here to view other items that Nimo is selling.  Other Items
Power Poles 75' to 95' (metal) for sale.  We have 26 Valmont Power poles (new) for sale for a fraction of their original cost and we will consider all reasonable offers.   VALMONT POWER POLES:
    90' AGH, Class 32, SVD-3STR2, A9771 power poles 
    80' AGH, Class 32, SVD-3STR3, A9771 power poles 
    75' AGH, Class 12, VIP STR5, A9771 power poles 
    80' AGH, Class 12, VIP STR7, A9771 power poles 
    80' AGH, Class 20, SVS-3 STR9, A9771 power poles 
    95' AGH, Class 32, SVD-3 STR10, A9771 power poles 
    95' AGH, Class 24, VISL STR11, A9771 power poles 
We have more in stock.  We can provide Power Pole Specifications (PDF file) on request    Contact Milt Fyre 503-351-9898  or

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