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Niagara Mohawk is having a huge inventory disposal sale/auction of distribution hardware and associated miscellaneous items.  These items will be sold in an informal auction/bid process.  To look at the items for sale down load the  following Excel files.
  File 1   File 2   File 3   

The following equipment was listed for a previous sale and much of it is still for sale.   For the most recent listing of 
available equipment download files 1 2 and 3 listed above. 
Transmission & Distribution Hardware Inventory Sale

More than $1 million worth of unused equipment.
Overhead Transmission & amp; Distribution Hardware
Substation Hardware, Street Lighting Hardware
Underground Transmission and Distribution Hardware

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For More Information Contact:
Tim Felasco
Phone: 315-460-2947
Fax: 315-457-4325

Email: rtimothy.felasco@us.ngrid.com
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