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Information About Vendor Links Pages
The Vendor Links section of The UtilityWarehouse has been set up to provide a description of company products and services and a direct link to the company home page. The Links section also provides an advertising page for companies that do not yet have a home page. By filling out the on-line form and e-mailing it to The UtilityWarehouse we will create the Warehouse page for you. The format of your page can be viewed by going to Sample. Please allow two days from the time you e-mail the form to before your link is in the Vendors Links section of The UtilityWarehouse. The charge for a Vendor Page and links in the Warehouse is $200.00/year. The number of users going through the Warehouse increases daily and is currently averaging over 1,200 per day. Join the UtilityWarehouse Vendor Links and watch good things happen!

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