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Five Alco 1500 KW generators  for sale 

 $90,000 Each

Contact Lane Kadel for more details.
Phone: 503-239-5157

Details on the 1500 KW ALCO Units. 

Units are now located in the midwest.  Nine ALCO Gensets were purchased by an electrical company and transported from Marshall Islands to the U.S. in 2002.  Some pictures shown were taken on the Marshall Islands, and the rebuilt and dipped pictures were taken before the electrical company shipped to customer (buyer).  He sold 4 units to South America. 

Below is the offer directly from the Owners of the Alco Units:

When the Gensets were removed from the Island, the Generators were removed from skid (they were too heavy with the generator to lift).

We can dip and bake generator end (which I suggest before returning to service).  Install Generator end and load test for $105,000.00 each


(A) We randomly picked 4 of the 9 for our use. The first (4) ran very good, no engine problems, government took good care of them.

(B) (Radiator) there is one radiator left that has not been tested and another that leaks. (no charge if we can make these work.)

(C) (Switch Gear) We would need to come up with other gear.  Approx. $21,500.00 each used.

(D) (Voltage Regulator) I added 10KW belt drive exciters to stay away from more expensive static exciters.

Cost :$2,500.00 for rebuilt exciters,

$1,500.00 for mounting, belts, pulleys, shaft,

$900.00 Basler SR4. A.V.R.

(E) (Load Test)       

1. We start Engine Run @ rate speed 900RPM. 

2. Build up voltage on generator to 4160 Volt.  

3. Then simulate load by drawing amps from generator end. (You can hear engine load up)  We tested the last four at 1500 KW and 1700 KW

(F) I added a new electronic Altronic Engine Monitor also.  The cost was approx. $7,500.00 but it gave my customer computer monitoring capability.



Contact Lane Kadel for more details.
Phone: 503-239-5157
Fax: 503-239-5136

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