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RMA, with its nearly 20 years of  experience as developer, owner, and operator of the Utility Warehouse provides all the services listed above at very competitive prices.  These services will be specifically tailored to meet your budget and workload requirements.  Here are some considerations and examples:

Domain Name Registration:  If you don't have your name yet you should get it now before someone else beats you to it.  We will take care of the paperwork for you and have the registering organization bill you directly.  We provide this service as good will in hopes that you will have RMA host your domain name.  

                                                                 DOMAIN NAMES FOR SALE ($20,000) and  ($15,000)   ($30,000 for both)
Contact   503-351-9898


Web Page Design and Development:  We design straight forward affordable web pages without fancy graphics, which cause slow response times.  Here are just a few examples:

Robli Corp.  RMA designed this web page and hosts both the page and the domain name (

The Bayne Company    RMA designed and hosts these  web pages.

Safety Consulting Services  RMA  designed these web pages and hosts  the pages and the domain name (

The Utility Warehouse  RMA designed, developed, and hosts all of the pages in the Utility Warehouse and hosts the domain name (

Niagara Mohawk  RMA designed and hosts this page.  RMA provided the search box which searches items Niagara Mohawk has listed in the Utility Warehouse.

Investment Recovery Pages  RMA developed and hosts these inexpensive pages for utilities and other companies seeking to broaden their internet exposure.   Note: We link to many companies who have their own investment recovery pages.

Give us a call and get started today.  Keep in mind that we are a focused site and cater to equipment buyers and sellers and we give preference and leads to our web clients.

Here are some basic prices, but please call to get a price based on your particular requirements:

Domain Name Registration:  We register you at no cost and have the registrant bill you directly.

Domain Name Hosting:  $100/year

Web Page Hosting:  $250/year 

Web Page Design:  $200 to $1500

Putting a Search Box on Your Page: $300/year  (Click here for more search box information)

Discounts are available for combinations of services.

  If you have any questions or need help please contact us.

Contact   503-351-9898


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