Dual Fuel, 50Hz.

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The combined cycle power plant, commissioned, 1990-1, has two 32.5MW Dual Fuel (natural gas and #2 diesel)   Frame 6 GE/BHEL Gas Turbine generator sets, with dual pressure Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG 1 & 2), one 35MW steam turbine, associated ducting, piping, auxiliaries and their controls.

The gas turbine comprises of shaft driven air compressor, combustor, air intake and exhaust flue gas system, governing and lubrication system, associated control & instrumentation and matching electric generator.

Gas turbine GT-1 & GT-2 is controlled by GE Speedtronic™ Mark VI TMR control system. It is designed as a complete integrated control, protection, and monitoring system for gas turbines.

Each HRSG generates 59.3 TPH of superheated steam at 62 kg/cm2(abs) and 483 degC, and 10.8 TPH of saturated steam at 5.0 Kg/cm2 (abs) at respective stop valves for a Gas Turbine base load exhaust gas flow corresponding to 35 degC Ambient Air Temperature.

The steam turbine is single cylinder design with a horizontally split type casing and of non-extraction type consisting of 47 stages. The steam is discharged thru LP section into a divided water box condenser. The cycle consists of a deaerator, 3 nos. each of HP and LP boiler feed pumps and 2 nos. Condensate extraction pumps. The condensate flows through the condensate preheater (part of HRSG) to the deaerator. The closed cycle soft water cooling water system has 3 nos. cooling water pumps and 3 nos. Auxiliaries cooling water pumps.

The turbo generator of steam turbine and Gas turbine is air cooled with a rating of a MVA at 11KV and 0.8 p.f. lagging. Power generated at 11 KV is stepped up to 66 KV for further distribution.

Gas Turbine Generator  1 32.5MW 29/12/90
Gas Turbine Generator 2 32.5MW 26/06/91
Steam Turbine Generator 35MW 18/10/91


The OEM Has recommended following inspection schedule for gas turbine which has been carried out. Major inspection of GT- 1 was carried out in 2009 & GT-2 in 2010.
Combustion Inspection - at 8000 EOH      Hot Gas Path inspection - at 24000 EOH   Major Inspection - at 48000 EOH

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