115 MW HFO (50Hz.) Diesel Engine Generating Station
Equipment for Sale (All or Parts)

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This diesel generating station was completed and put into operation at the end of 1995. The station has 9 diesel engines type 9TM620 manufactured by STORK-WARTSILA DIESEL CO., HOLLAND with a single unit capacity of 12.75 MW; 9 matching generators type HSG1600S14 were manufactured by ABB, FINLAND with a single unit capacity of 12.43 MW. The 9 sets were installed into 3 relatively independent units.

The 110 kV switchyard is equipped with 3 main-transformers 121 kV/11kV 47 MVA type STROD/BTROD CL-2 manufactured by TAKAOKA ELECTRIC CO. LTD., JAPAN. The 110kV GIS was manufactured by NISSIN ELECTRIC CO. LTD., JAPAN.

The automation level is high since the on-line computer monitoring system is also controlling the substation. The power generation units have been extremely reliable since placed into operation.   At factory conditions, the Power Plant is able to operate with the following parameters of fuel efficiency: 174 g/kWh ISO Conditions.   The annual consumption of fuel oil (180 cst heavy fuel oil) is 183 g/kWh.    The annual consumption of lube oil is 1.6 g/kWh.   The total operation hours are 22,000.   All units have been overhauled every 10,000 hours.  The plant operated until shut down in 2008.

The seller if offering service and support solutions including a long term O&M agreement covering parts and services.

Since the power generation sets are excessive to present needs, all equipment is for sale. Offers for individual equipment will be considered.

1:Diesel Engines (9 each)
Type: 9TM620
Manufacture: STORK WARTSILA DIESEL CO. Holland
Rated output: 12,750KW
Rated speed: 428rpm
Consumption of fuel oil: 174G/KWH +5%
Consumption of lube oil: 1.3+0.3G/KWH
Greatest weight/piece: 270T
Highest exhaust temperature ahead of the turbine:550 C degrees
Highest exhaust temperature of single cylinder: 425 C degrees
Ambient temperature: 38Centigrade (ISO)
2: Generators (9each)
Type: HSG 1600 S14
Rated capacity:15,537 KVA
Cos Factor : 0.8
Frequency : 50 HZ
Rated current: 815A
Rated voltage: 11KV
Greatest weight/piece: 55T
Rated speed: 429 rpm
Ambient temperature < or =40 Centigrade degrees(ISO)


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