150MW Mitsubishi Steam Turbine Generator Set for Sale
60Hz. 13.8kV 3600rpm Made 1986 (Never used) Condensing    Warranty

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This steam turbine generator was made in 1986 and never used. It comes with a full warranty as new * (provided manufacturer supervises installation.) This STG would be ideal for geothermal and waste-heat applications. It can be modified for higher operating pressures and temperatures. Control system can be upgraded to new technology. Foster Engineering considers it to be in Excellent Condition.

Generator Characteristics
Voltage: 13,800 Vac; three-phase (can be retrofitted for other voltage)
Frequency: 60 Hz (can be retrofitted for 50 Hz operation)
Rotation speed: 3,600 rpm
Excitation: Brushless
Nominal Output: 150,800 KW @ 2,100,000 lb/hr steam flow rate (1)
Rating: 181,000 KW @ 1.0 PF @ 2,510,000 lb/hr steam flow rate (2)
Generator Cooling: Hydrogen

(1) Corresponds to 1,050,000 lb/hr steam flow rate with reheat.
(2) Corresponds to 1,255,000 lb/hr steam flow rate with reheat.

Turbine Characteristics
Steam turbine is a two-pass (with reheat) condensing one, without a steam condenser but with all the piping and ancillary equipment to connect to one.

Dual rotor, tandem compound, four-flow arrangement (two cylinders, two inlets per cylinder).

Each cylinder consists of three rows of impulse blading and stages of reaction blading. The last-stage blade length is 25-inches.

Steam Characteristics
Steam turbine can be re-ported for use at higher pressures and temperatures.

Operating conditions
Steam flow rate: 1,050,000 lb/hr x 2 = 2,100,000 lb/hr
Pressure: 113.5 psia
Temperature: 337 degrees F

Maximum (rating) conditions
Steam flow rate: 1,255,000 lb/hr x 2 = 2,510,000 lb/hr
Pressure: 138.5 psia
Temperature: 350 degrees F
Turbine Governor
Digital Electrical Hydraulic (DEH) - Can be changed, if required

Status of Package Details
Perfect condition. Dismantled and ready for shipment.

All rotating parts and bearings under inert gas.

All equipment completely checked by a major engineering company (Foster Engineering), and found to be in perfect condition.

Steam-turbine genset includes a complete power train (gearing, lube oil system, generator, exciter, switchgear, controls, etc.)

Located in a warehouse in San Francisco, CA Metro Area and has been there since arriving from the factory.

Controls and switchgear will be modernized to the latest technology. Original controls and switchgear can be provided as-is, if required.

All installation manuals and CDs included.

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