220MW Gas Turbine Generator Combined Cycle Power Plant for Sale
50Hz.  Natural Gas/Naphtha Fuel

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The plant consists of a 140MW Siemens V94.2 GTG,   a 200MVA Ansaldo generator,   a and 80MW Ansaldo STG with  ABB Controls, Heat Recovery Steam Generator, Electrical Generators and Foxboro DCS Control System for HRSG & BOP.  The plant is for sale to be moved.

The plant was became operational 2002 and continuously operated on Natural Gas as well as Mix Fuel Operation (Gas + Naphtha) till January' 2015.   Currently the plant is in the preservation mode.

The total land required for the Project including power block and Balance of Plant facilities is ~15 acres.

Total (sweet/ processed) water requirement for the Project is ~ 6000 Cu.M/day with closed cooling system.

Base load gas requirement for the Project is about 1.05 million standard cubic meter per day (mmscmd).

All the equipment is under preservation mode and so is readily available upon dismantling and can be installed in the shortest possible time.

The plant is capable of dual fuel operation.

In lieu of the excellent operation and maintenance procedures, which can be verified from the maintenance records, the plant will have better Heat rate and higher efficiency than such machinery available worldwide at a lower cost, thus efficiently utilizing the gas resources.






Gas Turbine Unit

140 MW (Base load as per Site)

Equivalent Operating Hours (EOH) since commissioning: 113613.9

Siemens  V94.2

Ansaldo Italy

Dual Fuel Firing- Liquid & Gas


Gas Turbine Generator

200 MVA, 15KV , 50Hz


Ansaldo Italy


(Air cooled, Static Excitation)

GTG Transformer

210 MVA (235/15KV)


 BHEL, India

Oil filled, OFAF

Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

HP steam 226 TPH at 83.4 kg/cm2. 528 deg C  

LP steam 56 TPH at 5.24 kg/cm2. 205 deg C


Ansaldo, Italy

Horizontal, Natural circulation & all modules fully drainable


Main stack: 60 meter

Bypass stack: 40 meter


Fouress Engg. (India)Ltd

Installed with Bypass Stack Dampers  

Steam Turbine

Rated MW: 80

Steam pressure (HP/LP): 83.78 kg/cm2 / 5.24 kg/cm2        

Steam temperature (HP/LP): 526 deg c/ 198.9 deg c


Ansaldo, Italy


Single Cylinder, Dual Pressure, Condensing

Steam Turbine Generator

 105.5 MVA, 11.5 KV , 50 Hz


Ansaldo, Italy


(Air cooled, Static Excitation)

STG Transformer

110 MVA (235/11.5KV)


BHEL, India

Oil Filled

Balance of Plant





Black start DG

500 KVA ~ 2 Nos


Cummins India Ltd

 ( Engine model VTA 28-G. Generator : Stamford, model HC54402)

Fuel Gas System

Max operating flow 1.46 MMSCMD



With Redundant Filters & Pressure Regulators as well as Orifice Flow meter, Pressure Reduction 27/19 barg

Cooling Tower

20000m3/h flow , 7 nos twin Cells Induced Draft Counter flow


Paharpur Cooling Tower, Calcutta

Concrete Structure 

Paharur model no 83462-4.0-108

Circulating Cooling Water Pumps

3 Nos, Vertical Mixed Flow, 8872 M3/H


Mather and Platt (I) Limited

 Model No 36 VMF4

Aux. Cooling Water Pumps

3 Nos, Vertical Mixed Flow, 890 M3/H


Mather and Platt (I) Limited

 Model No 12 VMF

DM Plant

2 X 60 m3/h


Ion Exchange


Plant Fire Fighting System

1) Hydrant Pumps (2 Nos Motor driven and 1 Nos Diesel Engine driven)

2) Spray System(1 Nos Motor driven and 1 Nos Diesel Engine driven)

3) Deluge System

4) Plant Fire Alarm System


1) Mather &Platt (I) Ltd.

2) Notifier by Honeywell  

1) Split casing Horizontal Pumps

2) Auto/remote & Manual Operation.

3) Addressable Type


Control Systems





GT & ST control system




 Symphony Enterprise Management and Control System,

INFI-NET Uni-direction, High

Sped Data Network, 10

to 2 MHz, Communication

Protocol INIIT 12

HRSG & BOP Control system

Control Processor : CP60


Invensys Foxboro on XP Platform

Model Fox View V99.201

   Milt Fyre   503-351-9898 or milt@rmaglobal.com

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