LM2500s 20-22MW 4 units turbines only, no generators. 3 units with enclosures.
Liquid Fuel Low hours.

Milt Fyre   503-351-9898 or milt@rmaglobal.com

22MW LM2500 Gas Turbine and Power Turbines for sale. 4 each LM2500 Gas Turbine Generator sets (without generators) 20MW-22 MW. 26600 HP at 3600 RPM base rated, (output with gas and water injection 22 mw/3600 rpm). Twin shank. Liquid fuel only. Low running hours (698-2100 hours from new or overhauled.) Three of the engine are in GE multipurpose enclosure and mounting base. The enclosures have flex coupling and outgoing drive shafts that can be coupled to a generator, pipeline compressor, gearbox etc. The modules are suitable for trailer mounting. The fourth engine is in GE storage/shipping container. Also available are other equipment and spare parts. In addition to the engines and modules, we have two service containers with rail system, fixtures, lifting equipment to remove and reinstall the engines in the modules.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

We have also workshop dollies for the complete engine, dollies for power turbine and hot section.                                                                                

Additional equipment: three electronic control systems GE FRSE, junction boxes, three hydraulic starters, fuel filters, fuel pumps, lube oil filter/coolers. Level 1, field service tool set to strip and reassemble a LM2500 down to hot section.

Service parts and spare parts for LM2500. (Fuel nozzles, manifolds, O-rings, gaskets, filters etc.) The four engines are properly preserved and maintained on a regular basis, and are in excellent condition.

Recent borescope reports are available upon request.


Milt Fyre   503-351-9898 or milt@rmaglobal.com

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