2300kW Cummins Wartsila Engine Generator Set for Sale
50Hz., Diesel Fuel, Only 250 total hours.

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The engine is a Cummins Wartsila (France) SAOM Diesel CWED.  The alternator is Moteur, Lorrey Somer  (LSA 54L8-4P)
Model           		Cummins Wartsila, 12 V 200
Capacity			2,875 K.V.A
RPM			1500
Cylinder Configuration		12 V
Bore			200 MM
Stroke			240MM
BMEP			21.2 Bar
Mechanical Efficiency		41.70%
Altenator			98.50%
Engine water capacity		350 ltr
Water flow			89M/Ltr
Water Intel Temp.		50C
Water outlet Temp.		80C
Engine Lub. Oil Capacity	700 Ltr Approx.
Lub. Oil Consumption		0.6gm/kw/hr
Lub. Oil Nominal Temp.	85C
Combustion Air Flow		15245kg/hr
High Speed Diesel Oil		215 gm/ kWh
Year of Mfg of D.G. set	1996 Installed in 1997
No. of Hrs. the set operated	250 Hrs.
Duty of Cycle (frequency)	50 HZ
Speed of Altenator		1500
Voltage			11 KW
Current			150.9 Amps
P.F.			0.8
K.V.A			2875
Automatic Voltage Regulator	RBS 6000
Exciter Type		ESB 315 - 80 / 42 P
Type of Fuel		HSD
Specific Fuel Consumption	215gm/ kwh
One Electric Engine Panel, 1 A.V.R with complete D.G. Set Only for Sale Immediate Delivery


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