2x23.8MW P&W FT4-3F Power Pac Generating Station for Sale
50Hz.  Many upgrades from Original


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This is a complete operating power plant comprised of  2 each Pratt & Whitney 23.85MW Power Pac FT4C-3F Generating Set, Dual Fuel (diesel and natural gas), 50Hz.    There is a large package of spare parts included.   Located in the Middle East.

Turbine Design: Open cycle, single shaft, cold-end drive  Compressor: 17 Stage axial    Power Turbine: 3 Stage axial   Rating: 23.85MW    
Voltage: 11kW     Frequency: 50Hz. or 60Hz.    Heat Rate: 11,750     Power Factor: 0.85    Phase: 3 phase    Speed: 3000 RPM
Direction of Rotation Viewed from shaft end: CW.    Total Fired hours unit A: 4,107.5Hours     Total starts unit A: 1,612    
Total fired hours unit B: 4,598.8Hours      Total starts unit B: 585

Generator:  Generator Remanufactured: Electric Machinery   Maximum power: 26 MVA    Voltage: 11kV     Phase: 3 phase   Power Factor: 0.85
Poles: 2 pole     50/60Hz.    Speed: 3000 RPM     Bearing: Two-Bearing Gem      Cooling: Air-cooled Gen #1/Water-cooling Gen #2   Total Efficiency 80%

The Plant includes Auxiliaries Systems and Controls

Gas generator and power turbine: GG4C-FT4C-3F.   The (GG4C) Gas Generator consists of:  Inlet nose cone,  Inlet bell mouth,  Compress. Inlet Gas,  Low press. Compressor Assembly,   Main Gear box,  Diffuser case.   The Turbine Assembly:  Free Power Turbine,   Free Turbine Inlet case,  Free Turbine Rotor Assembly,   Free Turbine Exhaust case

Auxiliaries Systems:     Lube oil system,   Cooling water system,  Gas fuel system,  Liquid fuel system,  Filter system,  DC/AC pumps,  Fire protection system,   Air start Pac system,  Excitation system,   

Controls:  Microprocessor system, PLC to replace OEM sequencer, all interfaced with the balance of controls, voltage regulator, unit alarm and trip switches, synchronizing, etc.    All necessary generator protective (GPU),  Volt /WATT / VAR /frequency meters,   Gas turbine tachometers, turbine speed control, breaker switch And status lights,  Local /Remote selection.

The FT4 Power Pac consists of three primary units - one gas turbine unit, the generator unit and the control unit. The turbine and generator units are comprised of a gas turbine directly connected, through diaphragm couplings, to an electric generator with a through-drive connected brushless exciter. The control unit is located adjacent to the turbine/generator enclosure and contains all of the controls and instruments necessary to operate the generating plant. The turbine/generator and control units are housed in all-weather painted steel enclosures, which include light and fire protection equipment. The inlet silencers and exhaust stack have an all-weather painted steel-exterior. A typical skid mounted plant occupies approximately 67' x 37' (20.5m x 11.2 m) and is installed on a reinforced concrete pad.

The Power Pac as erected on site, is ready for installation on concrete: foundations, connection to main step-up transformer or bus and a fuel supply system - as supplied by the Purchaser.


This Bill of Material represents one FT4C-3F, gas fuel, generating set and consists of
the following major elements as noted below:


One GG4C-3 gas Fuel Gas Generator
One FT4C-3F 3 Stage Power Turbine
One Weatherproof, painted steel enclosure
Fire Detection/C02 Suppression System
Industrial: Sound Suppression Treatment
Ventilation System
AC Lighting System

Engine/Power Turbine Baseplate including Mounts & Free Turbine Flexible Coupling
Lubricating System for Gas Generator &. Power Turbine


One Remanufactured Electric Machinery or equal, 38.75 MVA or equal, 0.85 Power Factor 50 Hertz, 3 phase, 11,000 volts, 2 pole, 3000 RPM, air cooled, two bearing generator.
A direct-connected brushless exciter, generator lube 1 system completely assembled module including AC/DC oil pumps, pressure switches, cooling fan, oil tank and vapor extractor fan, RTD's, temperature alarms/trips, thermocouples, current transformers etc.
Industrial sound treated air inlet and exhaust, two side mounted inlet air filters.


Micro Processor System, complete with Square D or equal, PLC to replace OEM sequencer, all interfaced with the balance of controls, voltage regulator^ unit alarm and trip switches, sequencing, synchronizing, etc., all pre-wired to ensure safe operation.
Pre-fabricated painted steel enclosure including air conditioning, interior lighting, 125 VDC emergency lighting system.
All necessary generator protections, volt/watt/VAR/frequency meters & switches, gas turbine tachometers, turbine speed control, breaker switch, synchronizer, sequence/status lights, local/remote selection, engine instrument rack, master terminal board, CTs/PTs, MCC, auxiliary transformer, air circuit breaker etc.
Bus duct from generator output terminals to the switchgear cubical.


Skid mounted compressed air starting system to provide starting air (three starts) to
the gas generator pneumatic turbine starter. Includes compressor, starting regulator, pressure controls, air receiver and enclosure, suitable for outdoor mounting on concrete foundation.


Air inlet filtration system including industrial inlet air silencer. Exhaust stack with industrial silencer.


Three (3) copies of service manuals, in the English Language, for all major systems including specific operating instructions.



1. Characteristics

a. Engineering Data
Controlling Specification: Reference P&WA No, 6220

Type: A multi-stage reaction turbine driven by hot gases: from an axial-flow generator, consisting of multi-stage compressors driven by multi-stage reaction turbines,

Model: FT4C-3F ONE (1) Engine/Power Pac

Number of Stages:

Gas Generator:
Low-speed compressor: 9    High-speed compressor: 7   Low-speed turbine: 2   High-speed turbine: 1   Power Turbine: 3

Principal Dimensions:
Gas Generator Gas Turbine (over-all) Length, inches 153 (3885) 328 (8330)  Width, inches 45 (1143) 122 (3100)
Height, inches 52(1320) 109(2770)  Weight, (approx. lbs.,) 8,000(35.6) 29,000(129)

Service Requirements:

Fuel 1: Natural Gas
Specification: FR-2
* Delivery Rate -1000 SCF/Hr. 386 (Max, flow rate during acceleration only
* * Delivery Pressure, at gas turbine- inlet psia: 350 5
* Based on a natural gas fuel containing 950
BTU/SCF (LHV) (HHV/LHV=1.11) and delivered to the engine from Purchaser's supply system in a CLEAN and DRY condition (filtered to 30 Microns).

Fuel 2: Liquid Fuel
Specification: FR-1
*** Delivery rate- gph (Max. flow rate during acceleration only) (Est.) - per engine 3565  Delivery Pressure, at gas turbine, psig 5-50
**** Delivery Temperature at gas turbine  enclosure, F Minimum 25
*** Based on a distillate fuel with a density  of 6.9 lbs./gal. and LHV of 18,500 BTU/lb., (HHV/LHV=1.06), delivered to the engine from Purchaser's supply system in a CLEAN and VOID OF FREE WATER condition (below 5 microns solid particles and 0.01% water by weight)

**Cyclic pressure variations can be tolerated so long as total pressure excursion does not exceed +/- 5 psi from average pressure supply.

Lube Oil:
Specification: PWA 521   Consumption, gph (Avg.): 0.1    Total required for complete system: 50 U.S. gals.


Purpose Quantity
Lighting, heating and or 100 KW/engine, 440V, 60 Hz. intermittent power 380V for 50 Hz, 3 phase per unit

Natural Gas:

1. Gas Turbine Starting: 2625 SCFM per unit at 100 psig minimum for one (1) minute per start.

2. Gas assisted combustion A flow rate of 225 SCFM/unit during start-up for Dual Fuel at a pressure of 235 psig at Configured Engines when the engine manifold operation on distillate fuel. connection, for a period of forty five (45) seconds per start.



Contact Milt Fyre   503-351-9898 or milt@rmaglobal.com

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