25MW LM2500 Natural Gas Cogeneration Plant For Sale
50Hz.  Less than 1000 hours.

Milt Fyre   503-351-9898 or milt@rmaglobal.com

This 25 MW plant was installed in 2000/ 2001 and has operated less than 1000 hours, due to wrong technical valuation of local gas field and for administrative reasons.   The plant was then dismantled by the same company that did the original installation, match marked, and stored orderly for ease of reassembly.   All manuals, drawings, schemes, are present and available.   The plant is complete except pipes and equipment of small importance left at the previous location.   

The gas turbine a GE model 7LM 2500 stig PHGAG 08, 3600 rpm,  Sauer Sunstrand hydraulic pump with capacity 56 gpm,  5200 psgi,   cooler pump and Hayden heat exchanger, ventilation and combustion system,   gaseous fuel system with input required 250 MM BTU/hr natural gas with supply pressure 355 395 psig and temperature 200 F max , turbine lube oil system, turbine hydraulic system and fire Detection System.   Turbine water wash system, control systems, battery systems.   Recommended maintenance performed.   The gas turbine has been preserved in pressurized Nitrogen atmosphere up to May 2015 when a small breakage of vessel wall occurred.

The generator is an Asaldo ABB  30MVA,  11kV, 50Hz.    Ansaldo ABB Auxiliary transformer 800 kVA  11/0.4 kV,  diesel unit/generator 250 kVA.   Ansaldo ABB Stepup Transformer elevator 30 MVA 11kV/132 kV.   Power and control systems.   Worthington air compressor system.

The dismantling company would be interested in assisting the buyer with the shipping, installation, and commissioning.  Providing a warranty.  Conversion to 60Hz. is a possibility.


Compressed air             Corimec/Warthington
Electric cabinets             Tozzi Sud
Protection cabinets         CEE (Tozzi Sud)
Demineralized water       KSB
Fire fighting plant            FIERRE
Emergency diesel           Tozzi Sud
Cooling system              GEA
DCS                             Siemens Orsi
Fumes analizator sys.    TECNOVA
Water sempling bench   INT
Transformers                 BB
Recovering boiler          CCT (HRSG)
Gas turbine                   General Electric
Alternator                     Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali

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