30MW MAN 3 x 12V48/60 Power Plant for Sale
Diesel Generators 50Hz. 11kV

Milt Fyre   503-351-9898 or milt@rmaglobal.com

30MW MAN Power Plant, 50Hz. HFO. With MAN B&W 3 x 12V48/60 diesel generators sets. YOM 1996, 500 rpm, Bore and stroke 480 / 600 mm, Total running hours 65,000 hr. HFO up to 700 cSt at 50C, Generator: Siemens 1DK 11 kV/50Hz, cos fee 0.8, Control system: Siemens Simatic ET 200 + PC.

Complete good condition power plant with three identical diesel generators with MAN B&W 12 cylinder 500 rpm HFO engines and Siemens alternators each generating 10 MW / 11 kV / 50 Hz. The equipment is manufactured in year 1996, engines has approx 65 000 operating hours and all equipment are very well maintained and in good condition. Cooling of engines is arranged with a cooling tower. The plant has Siemens made LV and HV (vacuum breakers) equipment, engine control is refurbished to Siemens Simatic ET200 PLC.  With the delivery, there is plenty of original MAN spare parts.  The complete plant is fully in operational condition and it has detailed service records and original manuals.  This plant operation was stopped 2 years ago and remains in stand-by mode.  Plant is ready for immediate dismantling and relocation.  

Main equipment:

Engines:         3 x MAN B&W 12V48/60
Alternators:                       3 x Siemens 1DK 11 kV/50Hz, cos fee 0.8
Fuel oil separators:          3 x Westfalia OSB 35 - 036 - 066
Fuel oil booster unit    3 pcs
Fuel oil transfer pumps   3 pcs
Lubrication oil separators:   3 x Westfalia OSB 35 - 96 - 066
Lubrication oil filters   3 x automatic and 3 x manual
Lubrication oil storage tank   50 m3
HT and LT heat exchangers:   3 x Alfa-Laval
Steam generators   ( LFO) 2 x 950 kg (year 2007)
Black start unit:   Cummins 625 kVA
LV cabinets   Siemens
11 kV HV breakers   Siemens Vacuum CB
Plant control system:   MAN PC with process screens
DC system   Controls and batteries (year 2008)
Station transformer:   22kV/400V
Step up transformer:   11/22 kV
Exhaust gas stack   3 x 65 meter with silencers

Milt Fyre   503-351-9898 or milt@rmaglobal.com

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