31MW Frame 6 Hitachi Gas Turbine Generator Set for Sal
60Hz. 13.8kV Fuel #2 diesel

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3 each, 31MW Hitachi Gas Turbine Generators sets for Sale.  60Hz.  13.8kV   Fuel #2 diesel  Model PG6531.  The plant was shut down 13 years ago and has been monitored by Hitachi until the end of 2014.  Auxiliary equipment included.  Inspection welcome.


3 each: 31MW Gas Turbine Generator sets and Auxiliary Equipment.
Compressors and turbines mounted on a common base plate

Manufacturer: HITACHI
Manufacturer S Numbers: Unit 1- 966991, Unit 2-967101, Unit 3-967181
Total Hours: Unit 1 - 24,288 Hours Unit 2 - 26,209 Hours Unit 3 - 24,939 Hours.
Commissioned new: 1989
Type: PG6531
Unit Rating: 30,900 KW
No. of Compressor Stages: 17
No. of Turbine Stages: 3
Turbine Speed: 5,100 RPM
Air Inlet Temperature: 37 'C
Air Inlet Pressure: 1.013 Bar
Turbine Exhaust Temp.: 556 'C
Turbine Exhaust Pressure: 1.013 Bar
Manufacture Date: 1988

Complete with compressor, searching system, fuel system, and lubrication system. Heat exchanger, main lube filter, hydraulic supply system, cooling water system, atomizing air system, and more.


One Lot Three (3) units / sets synchronous generator block coupled to the thermal block by reducing gear block .Air cooled and open ventilation system, and more.

Manufacturer: HITACHI
Type: Air cooled open ventilation
Rated Voltage: 13.8 KV
Nominal speed: 3,600 RPM
Power Factor: 0.80
No. of Poles: 2
No. of Phase: 3
Frequency: 60 Hz.


Disconnect Switch Cable One (1) Lot

Manufacturer: HITACHI
Rated Max. Voltage: 15 KV rms
Rated frequency: 60 HZ.
Rated cont. Current: 3000 A rms
Rated short Time A: 25 KV rms
Low Frequency w / stand: 36 KV
Impulse w/ stand: 95 KV

Remote control board - HITACHI ONE (1) Lot with complete accessories, counters, watt hour recorders

HITACHI Generator Switch gear Equipment set.
HITACHI Direct Current Supply System set.
HITACHI Primary Voltage 480 , 60 HZ. CELLS.

Miscellaneous Power Plant Equipment:   Fire Protection system One (1) Lot Consisting of foam system, water protection. Water spray system for transformer. 1200 liter pressure tanks, inductors, hydrants, hoses w accessories, Strainers, pressure gauge, Check / stop / flow / deluge solenoid valves, pressure switch with pipe lines and fittings (AV Included in the Gas Turbines.)


Milt Fyre   503-351-9898 or milt@rmaglobal.com

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