32MW Rolls Royce Combined Cycle Power Plant
50Hz.  Dual Fuel   11kV

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32MW Rolls Royce Combined Cycle Power Plant.  50Hz.  Dual Fuel.  Natural Gas and Diesel fuel.   11kV.  RR Turbine Model RB211-24G.   Pebbles Electrical Machines Generator 29,253kVA  Class B.  1500rpm.  1535 Amps.   HRSG.  Allen Steam Turbine 8.25MW,  7500rpm,  43.4 BARG, 202.9C.   Generator CKD-Praha Energo,  10,180kVA, 1500rpm.   It was shut down 2 years ago, but still operational. YOM 1998 

Gas Turbine:
Manufacturer:     Rolls Wood Group
Model:                 RB211-24G
Turbine Rating:   24872 kW
Number Of Units: 1
Fuel:                     Natural Gas, Diesel
Hours:                 Time Since New 77174 (Time Since Overhaul 7000)
Heat Rate:         8.820kJ/Kwh
Exhaust Gas Temp: 493 Deg C (design at 12C Amb. Temp.)
Overhauls:         2007 49011 hours/ 2012 70.000 hours

Manufacturer: Pebbles Electrical Machines
YOM             1998
Rating:         24865KW, 29253kVA (Class B)
Frequency:     50Hz
Power Factor: 0.85
Speed:         1500rev/min
Voltage:     11000 V/3 Phase, 50 Hz
Amps:         1535 Amps

HRSG Design conditions are,
Ambient Temperature:     12C
Gas Turbine:             Full load
Fuel:                          Natural Gas
Exhaust gas flow:     85kg/s
Gas Temperature:     493C
Feed water inlet Temp.: 115,6C

HP Steam Temperature: 460C
HP Steam Pressure:     45,7 bar
HP Steam flow rate:     33,150 t/h

IP Steam Temperature: 202,9C
IP Steam Pressure:     15,5Barg
IP Steam Pressure:     4,220t/h

Allen Steam Turbine
Manufacturer:                          Allen Steam Turbine 
Tip:                                          H3-PO-800 
Turbine Rating:                       8250KW
Number Of Units:                    1

Hours:                                     Time Since New 68299 (Time since Overhaul 3349 hours) 
Speed:                                     7500 rpm

Max. Steam inlet:                    458C
Max. Pressure inlet:                43,4 bar
Min steam inlet pressure:        415C  March 3, 2015
Min steam pressure inlet:        30 bar
Steam outlet temperature:      38,2C
Steam outlet pressure:            0,067bara

Manufacturer:                          CKD-Praha Energo 
YOM                                        1998
Rating:                                     10180kVA 

Frequency:                              50Hz 

Power                                      Factor; 0.85
Speed:                                     1500rpm
Voltage:                                   11000 V/3 Phase, 50 Hz


 Gas Turbine Enclosure


 Gas Turbine Generator and Cubicle


            FT100 Control System &  Synchronization, Metering Panel


Gas Turbine Air Inlet (AAF Filter)


Gas Compressors Station (Nuovo Pignone 2P710/F1 Inlet 15bar Out. Pressure 40bar 3950m3/h)


GEC-Alstom Step-up transformer 23,5/31,25MVA




Allen Steam Turbine

Milt Fyre   503-351-9898 or milt@rmaglobal.com

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