3.56 MW Natural Gas Engine Generator Cogeneration Plant
for sale
6 Engine Generators 60Hz.


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The plant was brought online in 2002 with 4 E-G. Two 750kW EGs were added a year later. The plant ran until 2012. It is still operational and serving as backup. The waste heat was used to heat and cool the plant. The absorber was removed. The plant was a grid isolated cogen, because the utility could not keep with their growth. Because of the grid isolated nature, maintenance was top priority. As the plant load out grew of the cogen capacity, it became more cost effective to increase power line capacity rather than increasing generation. The Plant is in excellent condition.
The plant consists of:

(4 each) 750 kW 480 volt 60 hz Waukesha VGF48SID Enginators
(2 each) 280 kW 480 volt 60 hz Waukesha VGF18SID Enginators
Oil makeup tanks
Microspin oil filters
Knock detection
Block heaters
Battery chargers
Thomson Technologies generator controls configured for six generators operating grid isolated
Catalytic converters
Jacket water Fluid coolers
Intercooler Fluid coolers
Gas and water pressure regulators
Jacket water and Inter cooler system pumps
Gas driven Air compressor rated for 400 cfm at 125 psi
Includes: cooling tower, sump, pumps and controller

The equipment has been religiously maintained. All installation and operation manuals are complete and included with the sale.

Major overhauls include: top end, pistons, rings, main, rod and crank bearings, AND a generator
overhaul with cleaning, balancing and bearings.

The Plant is located in North East United States and is available immediately.

Unit Make Model Rating Total Hour Hours Since
 Major Overhaul
1 Waukesha VGF48SID 750kW 38,132 1,579
2 Waukesha VGF48SID 750kW 29,102 7,877
3 Waukesha VGF18SID 280kW 29,642 1,840
4 Waukesha VGF18SID 280kW 31,888 15,484 *
5 Waukesha VGF48SID 750kW 34,165 7,621
6 Waukesha VGF48SID 750kW 41,002 13,081

* Had a top end since major overhaul.

Waukesha F11 air compressor 400 CFM.     Total hours 23,456.    Hours since major overhaul 5,378.


Contact Milt Fyre   503-351-9898 or milt@rmaglobal.com

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