60MW GE LM6000PC Sprint CC Plant 50Hz. for sale 

Used, for sale to be moved. 

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This 60MW LM6000PC Sprint Combined Cycle 50Hz. Natural Gas Power Plant is in excellent condition.   It was commissioned in June 2010.   48.5MW LM6000 GTG and a 12MW Steam Turbine Generator.    YOM is 2009.   Shut down in 2016 and has 22,000 hours.  The plant site is 25k square meters.   Inspection can be arranged with a 7 day lead time.

HRSG Steam Production (Boiler) was manufactured in Canada with IST brand and OTSG model and it contains pipes that can also operate without water. It has steam capacity of 43.5 ton/hour HP (55 bar ).   It has steam capacity of 14 ton/hour LP (5,5 bar ). Exhaust fumes are discharged from the boiler flue in to the atmosphere at temperature of 140 degrees.


Steam Turbine:  A Chinese manufacture Hangzhou brand Steam Turbine is available in the plant with power rating of 12 MW, which produces electrical energy by using the steam generated from the boiler.    The vacuum at the exit of the Steam Turbine is around 0.13 bar (a).


Cooling Tower has 3 units of cooling fans. Top up of water for the tower is provided from the raw water tank.


Switching Station and Transformer Station:  Provides provide the connection of cogeneration plant with 60 MW power rating over to a Distribution System.              There are 2 units of transformers, 1 unit of line feeder, 1 unit of coupling at 154 kV voltages at the energy transmission plant for the first phase.    An area has been allocated within the land of the plant for 1 unit of line feeder and for 1 unit of power transformer by considering the requirements that may arise in the future.

 Water Treatment System

The water that is used for the production is obtained from the raw water tank.  The raw water tank is in vertical and cylindrical form and manufactured from steel and the water collected in this tank is conveyed over to the pre-treatment plant and over to the service areas through pumps.   It is also used to store firefighting water at the same time.   Polymer solutions are injected in to the water, which is obtained through pumps from the raw water tank and which transferred over to the Multimedia Filters, for an effective filtration.   Particles contained within the water are cleansed through the Multimedia filtration and through Cartridge filtration.   In addition, Sodium Bi-Sulphite is dosed in to the water in order to eliminate the free chlorine contained in the water that is treated by the Multimedia Filters.   If the water has high level of hardness value or the Langelier Index of the water is positive, then this could cause for the blockage problem for the membranes as the ions contained in the water would settle in the system.   Therefore, advanced treatment is performed in order to eliminate the hardness of the water that will be used in the plant for the production phase and in order to inhibit the particles that are contained in the water, which could cause damage on the system.  



     Gas Trubine Generator Unit


Type of Unit                                        

LM6000PC Sprint

Nominal Unit Power (ISO)                         


Exhaust Gas Flow Rate                             

:  134.5 kg/h

Exhaust Gas Temperature            

:  443.5 C

Consumed Thermal Energy        

:  8,970 kJ/kWh

Compressor Air Compression Ratio  

:  13.9

Turbine Efficiency                              

:  35.5%

Generator :


Type of Unit                                    


Installed Power of the Generator                      

:  64.500 kVA

Generator Output Voltage                                  

:  11.50 kV

Generator Frequency                      

:  50 Hz

Generator Number of Revolutions                   

:  3.000 revs/min 

Gross Electricity Production                        

:  420.000.000 kWh/year

Nett Electricity Production                                  

:  405.000.000 kWh/year

Generator Power Factor                    

:  0.800


 Waste Heat Steam Boiler 

 Type of boiler: Innovative Steam Technologies / CANADA -- Waste Heat Boiler with Single Pass 

Boiler Exhaust Gas inlet temperature 

:  443.5 oC

Boiler Exhaust Gas outlet temperature

:  180 C

Feed water temperature           

:  26C

Steam HP  temperature                     

:  430 C

Steam HP  pressure                           

:  51 bar

Steam LP  temperature                      

:  230 C

Steam LP  pressure                                       

:  5.5  bar

Steam Turbine-Generator Unit:

Steam Turbine

Code of Unit                                                        

:  WT 7841

Type of Unit                                                         

:  NKS 50/72/72

Operation Steam Pressure                                  

:  52 bar

Operation Steam Temperature                         

:  430 Degrees 

Number of Units

:  1

Nominal Unit Power (at ISO Conditions)

:  12,5MWm/12MWe

Condenser  model                                               

:  HTC/N-1300-17

Generator :



:  Nanyang

Type of Unit  

:  QFW-12.4-2

Generator Installed Power                                  

:  12400 kW

Generator Output Voltage                                  

:  11.50 kV

Generator Frequency                  

:  50 Hz

Generator Number of Revolutions                   

:  3.000 revs/min

Gross Electricity Production                                

:  110.000.000 kWh/year

Nett Electricity Production                                  

:  100.000.000 kWh/year

Generator Power Factor 

:  0.85


Milt Fyre   503-351-9898 or milt@rmaglobal.com

Milt Fyre   503-351-9898 or milt@rmaglobal.com

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