6.6MW De Laval Diesel Engine Generator Sets for Sale
8 Sets Available    60Hz. 13.8 kVolts    HFO  Used  450rpm  Model DSRV 16-4

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6.6MW De Laval Diesel Engine Generator Sets,  8 Sets available 60Hz.    13.8 kVolts,    HFO,   Used,   450rpm,   Model DSRV 16-4.   From 1973, these Generator Sets operated in a mine for 1,000 hours before the mine was shutdown.    In 1997, an energy company purchased these and units and had them inspected and overhauled by De Laval Enterprise and then operated them in a power plant from 1997 until 2004.  The engines have 41,000 total hours.      Engines run continuous on HFO and while starting up and shutting down on #2 Diesel.   They have been completely disassembled, cleaned, with all exterior surfaces primed with a rust inhibitor primer, interior parts cleaned of oil and carbon deposits, lubricated and ready for inspection, reassembly, and/or overhaul.   Each set consists of an Engine, Jacket Water piping, 2 Turbochargers per unit, Generator, and Exciter.    No other auxiliaries or controls are included in the sales price.    Units are offered "AS IS, WHERE IS".   The are ready for shipping.   Located in South East Asia

                                                    Diesel Engine

No of Units 
Rated Output 
Minimum Capacity 
No of Cylinder 
Cylinder Bore 
Piston Stroke 
Specific Fuel Rate

Total Length 
Total Weight 
Heat Rate 
Fuel Heating 
Type of Control 
De Laval Enterprise, USA
DSRV 16-4
Four-stroke-cycle, Turbocharged, After-cooled V-type with Trunk-type Pistons, Stationary Diesel
Eight (8)
8905 Hp (6643 kW)
7506 Hp (5600 kW)
450 rpm
17 inches (430 mm)
21 inches (530 mm)
50% -   0.378 lb/BHp-hr (0.230 kg/BkW-hr) (HFO)
75% -   0.371 lb/BHp-hr (0.226 kg/BkW-hr) (HFO)
100% - 0.384 lb/BHp-hr (0.233 kg/BkW-hr) (HFO)
232 inches (5890 mm)
180 inches (4572 mm)
150 inches (3810 mm)
Approximately 250,000 lbs (113 tons)
Bunker C (continuous) Distillate (start and stop)
6736 Btu/BHp-hr (9029.5 Btu/BkW-hr)
Steam from Waste Heat Recovery Boiler (Not included)
Automatic (PLC, GE Fanuc), Remote
No of Units
Rated Capacity
Rated Voltage
Rated Current
Rated Speed
No of Phase
Power Factor
Year Made 
Electric Machinery/Dresser Rand
Brushless Synchronous Generator
10 units
8.019 MVA / 6.415 MWe
5.400 MWe
13.8 kV
335 Ampere
450 rpm
60 Hz

De Laval Diesel Engine  Model  DSRV 16-4



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