6.5 MW Diesel Power Plant for Sale
4 Wartsila Vasa Diesel Generators  60Hz.  

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Fully functional and well-maintained.   
Engine Model: VASA 16V32E  Engine speed: 720 rpm  Normal output: 5907 KW/ 7125 KVA  Configuration: V-Line (form)
No. of cylinders: 16  No. of valves: 2 inlet, 2 outlet  Fuel: Diesel (HFO with some minor modifications)
Generator: (Alternator): Self cooled, 3-phase brushless; synchronous generator
Make: Leroy Somer   Type: RP38AZ/10P   Generator Voltage: 2400V +/-5%  Speed: 720 rpm  Frequency: 60Hz
Governor Make: Woodward PGG58   Turbocharger Make: ABB Model: 354
Mounted: at free end with complete electrical & mechanical auxiliaries.
Plant installed 1993 and stopped Sept 31st 2009   Total hours 114340 (clock has been around once)
In 2007 plant had 100,000 hours overhaul replacing all 16 heads, liners and pistons.
Price 808,000 USD


Engine #1 (1989 Wartsila Vasa Model 4R32 S/N 4222) 1305 KW Diesel Engine
Generator. Current operating hours since last overhaul 30,068.

Engine #2 (1989 Wartsila Vasa Model 4R32 S/N 4223) 1305 KW Diesel Engine
Generator. Current operating hours since last overhaul 33,185. Past

Engine #3 (1989 Wartsila Vasa Model 6R32 S/N 4225) 1970 KW Diesel Engine
Generator. Current operating hours since last overhaul 3,389.

Engine #4 (1989 Wartsila Vasa Model 6R32 S/N 4224) 1970 KW Diesel Engine
Generator. Current operating hours since last overhaul 14,014.

Cooling Towers #1 and #2 - Hamon model VAP202 induced draft water cooling tower.
Cooling Towers #3 and #4 - Hamon model VAP252 induced draft water cooling tower.
All cooling towers are in working condition for current operation.
Main fuel storage tank capacity is 20,000 gal.
Day fuel usage tank capacity is 2,000 gal.
Both tanks are in good condition.
Air compressors (Sperre HL2/90) one electric and one diesel, including 4 high pressure holding tanks.
These air compressors are used only for engine functions and engine starters.
Currently air for general use comes from one of the cannery air compressors.


Proposal Estimate: This proposal is based on the fact that these items will be able to ship whole meaning no disassembly of the engine generator sets is required.  This proposal is an estimate of costs and not a commitment.  The final costs and contract arrangements are to be negotiated with the seller.

Removal of the Power Plant located in xxxxx at the xxxxxxxxxxxx Plant.
Every wire and pipe will be match marked. Items will be photographed and documented for your ease of reinstallation. We will over see every facet of the removal of the power plant to (exporting) port. This will include over seeing crane services, trucking services, construction and removal itself. All contractors will be insured and safety procedures followed as well as all laws and regulations.
Time frame expected for removal is 60 days.

As the piece count may not be large on this move the over all size, weights and preparation is extensive. Therefore, there is a requirement for 3rd party contractors to be involved to properly complete the removal. Costs for these contractors are estimates, when these jobs are complete actual costs will be submitted.

As stated since this is an extensive removal, if the buyer would like to review and audit all said items on site, we are willing to discuss the possibility. Even though the proposal describes all items entailed in removal ---to detail every technical facet could make this more confusing than it needs to be.

Feel free to call and discuss any concerns you may have.


Cranes Service only-- (cost sheet included)
4 Generators 8 hours each using 130 ton crane is a cost of $15,200.00

Estimated Crane Cost $15,200.00

Trucking Service -- 
Move stage trailer and move the following items to stock yard and Pier 1
4 ea Generator sets
4 ea mufflers
4 ea Centrifugal Oil Filters

Mobilization of Containers
Deliver up to five (5) 40' containers to staging area in ML&P
Deliver up to five (5) 40' containers to dock @ pier 1 Kahului

Estimate trucking costs up to 5 containers $23,325.00

Construction Work-- (cost sheet included)
To install select borrow base and the concrete in the trench panels at the ML&P power plant.
This work is to facilitate the move.
Install side forms and kickers on each end of 4 trench panels
Fill 4 each 25' x 4'x4' trench panels with 3' deep select borrow
Dowel into sides of trench panels with #5 dowels, 18" long with " embeds, 12" o.c.
Install #5 rebar mat 12" o.c. each way
Fill 4 each 25'x4'x4' trench panels with 1' deep 5,000 psi concrete
Final finish of concrete to be smooth
Estimated Construction cost $18,000

Dismantling of the power plant as follows:
*ML&P to remove primary quantity of fuel we will remove and dispose of all residual fuel in generator sets

*Protective curbing around storm drain in main drive will be removed and covered with plate steel.

*Tree in Main Drive over hanging property will need to be removed to allow crane access.

*Remover perimeter fencing around power plant on North, West and South sides.

*Small wooden Shed- remove in order to access the mufflers and the intake air filters.

Mufflers and Intakes 4 sets
*disconnect and match mark Air in and exhaust out piping up to generator and disconnect muffler at a point going out to main stack.
Oil will be drained from intakes and ports plugged. Oil disposed of properly according to laws and guidelines. Move to staging area.

Spare Parts
* All spare parts to be loaded into crates/containers according to import laws. (some countries require inspections of wood as to not to import infestations of insects such as termites).
If these items are requires to be recrated we will do so. If the law does not require any inspections we will not recrate and leave them as they are for loading.
Spare parts will include any and all items in the main generator room, office and Mezzanine area, including manuals, documentation, blue prints, archived items. Also, if we find any unopened drums of oil or water treatment chemicals we can include these at the customers request.

Generator Sets 4 for each set we will:
*Disconnect and match mark all engine electrical control, pull back to appropriate control panel. Bundle and secure in cabinet.
*Generator Leads will be pulled back the same.
*All fluids to be drained from units and ports plugged
*Fuel and cooling water lines will be match marked disconnected in trenches and removed from area.
*Heat exchangers will be drained and plugged.
* will remove all interior piping from air intake to turbo and exhaust manifold to muffler.
*Cat walk to removed
*Each Generator will be lifted and placed on heavy duty transport unit to be moved outside of the door onto apron where crane can lift and load onto truck to be transported to staging area.
Prior to movement all floors will be prepared by removing grout around vibration isolation beams, mounting bolts etc.

*Provided power is disconnected to the plant all Generator and System control panels will be prepared for removal.
*All Networking will be preserved between control computers inter connecting wires will be marked with appropriate panel designation and removed.
*We will pack electronics with desiccant to help keep out moisture.

D/C Starting System
* Will be prepared for shipment. *will need to check regulations on shipping led acid batteries.

Feeder Buses
* Will be disconnected and prepared for shipment.
Transformer on Mezzanine
* Match Mark and disconnect. Prepare for shipping.
Air Compressor System
" Dismantle match mark and prepare for shipping

Equipment cleaning and Disposal Fees
* Equipment to be cleaned according to export guidelines
* Pay fees associated with disposal of fluids

Material Handling Equipment/tools
*Fork lifts to be provided by service company as well as hand tool and supplies including safety equipment and consumables.


As previously discussed do to the fact that the building can not be torn down a heavy duty transporter will need to be purchased to move the generators out of the building where the cranes can pick them up and put them on trucks for transporting
This machine is currently in the price of the estimate.

----the unit is a Hillman Traksporter from Hillman Rollers
The base unit is Approximately $80,000.00 before shipping and tax. However, other items will need to be purchased along with the base unit such as jacks, heavy duty skates etc. This will put the price at approximately $110,000.00 (USD).
Since this will need to be purchased because of the special circumstance we have two options for your choosing
1 - we will purchase it and if you feel you have a use for it we will send it out with the last load for you to keep.
2- we will purchase it and if you feel you do not have a need for it we will credit your account with us by $50,000.00 (USD) and keep it ourselves.
*if you wish to see the machine on line go to Hillman rollers.com
* Crane Service to be provided by 3rd party as stated on page 1
*Trucking Service provided by 3rd party as stated on page 1

TOTAL ESTIMATED PRICE FOR REMOVAL OF POWER PLANT ITEMS LISTED ABOVE IS $400,000 USD. This includes the 3 rd party contractors, the roller system, and the services of All Source Equipment and Services. This price does not include shipping or shipping insurance.

Terms: 75% Down paid by wire transfer before job can be started or scheduled. The remaining balance is due by wire transfer upon completion of our work. Are work is considered complete when the last items / container is ready for transport to the dock. Items are not allowed to leave with out final payment at our bank.

If there should be any changes in pricing do to unforeseen circumstances, customers will be notified immediately. In this scope of work from time to time there can be circumstances out of our control therefore, capping costs is not an option in our field. However, we do estimate our jobs as accurately as possible and give our best pricing.

Job Cancellation: If for any reason the job is cancelled fees will be prorated for the work completed as well as any incurred expenses.

Each contractor is responsible for the items when they are in their possession.
Example: When the crane is moving them- that company is responsible, when the trucking company is trucking them, they are responsible. When the dismantling company is dismantling they are responsible. Once the trucker signs off the ticket to the shipping company it then becomes shipping company's responsibility.

All Shipping requirements, payments, fees and logistics are the sole responsibility of the customer/ buyer. The dismantling company only involvement is assisting in locating a Shipping company to carry the over sized load.

Insurance is not an automatic feature, it is an option offered as an added expense to the customer/ buyer by the shipping company. The attached quote does not include insurance.

For more information contact Milt Fyre.




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