750MW Steam Turbine Generator Sets for Sale (2 each)
60Hz. Operating Condition

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The generator casing and the end shields at either end are welded gastight construction, supporting and enclosing the stationary armature winding and core, the rotating field, and the gas coolers. The principle cooling medium is hydrogen gas it also uses stator cooling water. The excitation was provided by an alterrex excitation system. The excitation system has been upgraded to a Static Excitation System. The original load rating for each unit was 755 MW, after the units were placed into service the load rating was upgraded to 790 MW per unit. 

Low-Pressure Generator:  Stator No. 180X403 & 180X391, four pole generator, 1800 RPM

High-Pressure Generator: Stator No. 180X402 & 180X390, two pole generator, 3600 RPM. The turbine consists of two sections: a high-pressure section and a double-flow reheat section.

Steam Turbine:

The High Pressure Turbine consists of two sections: a high-pressure section and a double-flow reheat section. The Low Pressure Turbine is a double-flow unit with downward exhaust. The steam enters the turbine through the two crossover pipes from the reheat section of the high pressure turbine

High Pressure Turbine: Element No. 170X390 & 402, 13 Stages, 3600 RPM

Low Pressure Turbine: Element No. 170X391 & 170X403, 8 Stages, 1800 RPM  

Support System:

There are several systems that support the operation of steam turbine: Lube Oil System, Stator Cooling Water System and the Hydrogen System.


View of Turbine Deck

Hydrogen Regulating System, one per unit

Stator Cooling Water System, one per unit

Seal Oil System, one per unit

Full Flow Filter System, one per unit

Alfa-Laval Turbine Lube Oil Centrifuge, one per unit

Bowser Tank, one per unit

EHC Hydraulic System, one pre unit

Turbine Lube Oil Reservoir, one pre unit


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