81MW GE Frame 7EA Gas Turbine Generators Sets, New Surplus
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Speedtronic Mark V Controls. 

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GE Frame 7EA Performance Data

2.1 Guarantee Performance

Net Output (base)         kW 81,330

Net Heat rate (base)     kJ/kWh 10,537 Design Basis

Elevation         886ft
Ambient temperature         59°F
Relative humidity         60%
Inlet system pressure drop         3.5in. H2O
Exhaust system pressure         5.5in. H2O
Natural gas fuel heating value (LHV)         20,977 Btu/lb
Combustion system type         DLN

The following also apply to the performance guarantees:

• Performance is measured at the generator terminals and includes allowances for excitation power and the shaft-driven equipment normally supplied.

• Guarantees are based on new and clean condition of the gas turbine. If more than 100 fired hours have elapsed before a performance test is to be conducted, a GE representative shall have the right to inspect the unit to assure that the power plant is in new and clean condition.

• Guarantees are based on a site test conducted as described in the Reference Documents chapter and per the Terms and Conditions of this offer.

• Performance curves for both the turbine and generator are included in the Performance Curves section of this proposal. From these curves it is possible to determine estimated performance at ambient temperatures, percent loads, and barometric conditions differing from those listed in the above design basis table. These curves are used during the site performance test to correct performance readings back to the site conditions at which the performance guarantee was provided.

Natural Gas Analysis % Vol

N2                 0.3580
CO2             0.6320
CH4             97.235
C2H6             1.4640
C3H8             0.1700
C4H10          0.0820
C5H12          0.0290
C6H14          0.0310
Total        100.00

2.1.2 Emissions Guarantees

Measurement         Natural Gas(value/load range)
NOx @ 15% O2 (ppmvd)         9*
CO, (ppmvd)                             25*
Particulates (lb/hr)                  5.0

                                                                                Ambient Temperature (F)

2.1.3 Near Field Noise Values

The near field sound pressure level (SPL) contribution from the GE supplied gas turbine equipment is guaranteed not to exceed 96 dBA when measured 3 feet (1 meter) in the horizontal plane and at an elevation of 5 feet (1.5 meters) above machine base line or personnel platforms with the equipment operating at base load in accordance with contract specifications. Basis of Guarantee

The following also apply to the above guarantee:

• Testing methodology shall be based on the latest version of ANSI/ASME PTC 36. The final result shall be the arithmetic average of the SPL’s measured around the equipment after background and other corrections have been applied. The equipment shall be in compliance if the final result does not exceed the noise limit(s) specified above.

• Equipment shall be operated in a new and clean condition as intended by the designers when measurements are taken. All access compartments, doors, panels and other temporary openings shall be fully closed; all silencing hardware shall be fully installed; all systems designed to be airtight shall be sealed.

• If the above guaranteed SPL exceeds the measured background noise by 10 dBA, no correction shall be necessary. Otherwise, corrections to the measured SPL shall be made per ANSI/ASME PTC 36 procedures. Background noise is defined as the noise measured with all GE supplied equipment off and all other plant equipment on.

• Intermittent noises such as steam safety blow off valves and filter pulse noise are not included in the above guarantee.

• Measurements shall be taken 3 feet (1 meter) away from the outermost surfaces of equipment, including piping, conduit, framework, barriers and personnel protection devices if provided.

• Measurements shall not be taken in any location where there is an airflow velocity greater than 5 feet per second (1.5 meters per second), including nearby air intakes or exhausts.

• Free field conditions must be prevalent at measurement locations. Testing and for and corrections to a free field shall be per ANSI/ASME PTC 36.

• Testing shall be done according to a test plan agreed to by both the customer and GE. Such a plan shall be submitted to both the customer and GE at least 30 days prior to noise compliance testing. The test results shall be submitted in the form of a test report that shall be made available to both the customer and GE.  Measurement responsibility shall be stated in the contract. If the customer has responsibility for the compliance measurements, GE reserves the right to audit or parallel these measurements.


2.2 Estimated Performance


Load Condition                                                         BASE            BASE            BASE            BASE
Exhaust Pressure Loss       inches Water             5.5                 5.5                  5.5                 5.5
Ambient Temp.                    Deg F.                          0.                   20.                  59.                 94.
Fuel Type                                                                    Cust Gas     Cust Gas      Cust Gas      Cust Gas
Fuel LHV                              Btu/lb                          20,977          20,977           20,977         20,977
Fuel Temperature **         Deg F                           80                  80                  80                  80
Output                                   kW                                98,490.         92,790.         81,700.         71,510.
Heat Rate (LHV)                 Btu/kWh                     10,120.          10,220.         10,490.         10,860.
Heat Cons. (LHV) X 10
  Btu/h                            996.7             948.3             857.              776.6
Exhaust Flow X 103    
      lb/h                               2627.             2517.             2306.           2109.
Exhaust Temp.                     Deg F.                         954.                969.               998.             1023.
Exhaust Heat(LHV) X106 Btu/h                            622.9             595.9             545.5           502.5


NOx                                       ppmvd @ 15%O2      9.                    9.                   9.                  9.
NOx                                      AS NO2 lb/h                 37.                 35.                 31.                28.
CO                                         ppmvd                          25.                 25.                 25.                 25.
CO                                         lb/h                               60.                 58.                 53.                 47.
UHC                                      ppmvw                         7.                   7.                   7.                     7.
UHC                                      lb/h                                10.                10.                 9.                     8.
VOC                                      ppmvw                         1.4                 1.4                 1.4                 1.4
VOC                                      lb/h                               2.                   2.                   1.8                  1.6
Particulates                        lb/h                               5.0                 5.0                 5.0                  5.0
PM10                                   lb/h                              10.0               10.0              10.0                10.0


Argon                                                                         0.91               0.92              0.90                0.87
Nitrogen                                                                  75.55             75.46            74.88             73.19
Oxygen                                                                     13.90             13.93            13.87             13.53
Carbon Dioxide                                                       3.25                3.22              3.17               3.12
Water                                                                         6.40                6.48              7.19               9.30

Elevation                     ft.                 886.0
Site Pressure              psia               14.24
Inlet Loss                    in Water         3.5
Exhaust Loss              in Water         5.5 @ ISO Conditions
Relative Humidity                             % 60
Application                                         7A6 Air-Cooled Generator
Combustion System                          9/42 DLN Combustor

Emission information based on GE recommended measurement methods. NOx emissions are corrected to 15% O2 without heat rate correction and are not corrected to ISO reference condition per 40CFR 60.335(c)(1). NOx levels shown will be controlled by algorithms within the SPEEDTRONIC control system.

** Based on the submitted fuel analysis, the min fuel temp including the 50F superheat requirement is 66F. This performance is based on a nominal fuel temp is 80F.

IPS- 91638 version code- 2 . 4 . 0 Opt: N 71210500

DARGUSFR 3/9/01 10:16 0 20 59 94 gas at 60rh - NET W 80f fuel.dat


2.3 Generator Performance Specifications

2.3.1 Performance Rating Conditions

Measurement                 Value
Elevation                         886 ft
Stator insulation           Class F
Rotor insulation           Class F
Inlet air temperature  See curve 91638G-7a
Ventilation                     57000 ft3/min
Rating standards          ANSI

2.3.2 Performance Rating, Synchronous Generator

Note: Design:Following values based on generator design number 91638G

Measurement                Base
kVA                                 100,100
Power Factor               0.85
kW                                  85,085
rpm                                3600
Number of poles         2
Number of phases       3
Frequency (Hz)           60
Voltage                        13.8 kV
Amperes                      4188
Connection                 WYE
Short Circuit Ratio  0.51

Temperature Rating

(total temperature at base load, with temp stabilized?Value

Armature coils (by temperature detector)         110°C
Collector (by thermometer)                                  125°C
Field coils (by resistance)                                      125°C

Dielectric Tests
(between coils and frame, ac voltage for 1 minute)/Value
            Armature 28,600V
            Field   1500V

Excitation (maximum required)    Value
     kW            280
     Voltage    270

Calculated Generator Reactances (base load)/Value

Xdi            2.0
X'di          0.23
X'dv         0.215
X''dv        0.135
X2v          0.135
X0i          0.10




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