8.4MW Detroit Diesel Generation Station for Sale
4160kV, 60Hz.   1800rpm 
Low hours & Low Emissions

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This 8.4MW diesel generating station consist of 3 sets of 2 Detroit Diesel engine (16V149T)  1800rpm connected to one 2.8MW Leroy Somer generator.   The generator output is stepped up to 4160kW.  There are three Selective Catalytic Reactors.    Two of the generators have special flexible drive shaft couplings to reduce vibration damage.    Each generator creates 2.8MW (4160 Volt stepped up by a transformer) for a total of 8.4 MW.   The generators are enclosed in a sound enclosure building.  The generators have three cooling units.   The exhaust has a catalyst and ammonia injection to control NOx.    The facility was built in 1989-1990.  Total engine/generator hours, including testing and startup.   Generator 1 - 227 hours (one engine has a bad cylinder).   Generator 2- 239 hours.   Generator 3 - 318 hours.  The transformer is part of the facility and connects directly into a utility substation.

There are three Selective Catalytic Reactors are Nitrogen Nergas Model # KSVG 951.   The reactors were modified from Anhydrous Ammonia to Aqueous Ammonia injection. They contain two static mixing elements and a coalescing filter/guard bed. (Kleenaire Corp. manufacturer) Sample bags of the reactor materials are available.

The transformer made by    Mfg. - R.E. Uptegraff Mfg. Co. in 1989.  Dwg No. 10563-71E     Spec.  9067    LV Amps 1388   


Contact Milt Fyre    milt@rmaglobal.com

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