2x2.1MW Wartsila Power Plant for Sale
60Hz.  13.8kVolts, Used.

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2x2.1MW Wartsila 6R32 Diesel Engine Power Plant, 60Hz. for sale.
Diesel Engine:
Manufacturer WARTSILA VASA FINLAND,  Model 6R32,  kW2150 each,  Speed 720 rpm,  No of Cylinder 6,  Lubricating oil cooler,  12  bar,  Charging air cooler TP 8 bar.

Manufacturer ABB INDUSTRY,  Type Synchronous Generator,  Rated Capacity 2663 KVA,  Rated Voltage 13800V,  Amperes 107 A,  Rated Speed 720rpm,   Frequency 60 Hz.   Power Factor 0.8

Manufacturer Woodard PGG 58,  Speed 900,   Gear ratio engine governor 1:1.25,  Oil pressure 250 psi,  Synchro motor Gear ratio 4 rpm

With complete electrical & mechanical auxiliaries.

DG# 4
Total Running Hours 79,392 hrs
Last PMS 75,200 hrs. ( June 2008)

DG# 5
Total Running Hours 78,672 hrs.
Last PMS 75,600 hrs. ( Feb. 2009)




Contact Milt Fyre    milt@rmaglobal.com

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