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Get a search box for your own web page and have it operational today!

Sign up as a commission (free) or annual-fee seller and purchase a personal search box for only $300.00/year. 


Here is how it works! We will email you the search box code, which you place on your home page.  By using this personal search box, items you place for sale in the Utility Warehouse can be easily searched by anyone visiting your site.  These same items will also show up from a search performed on the Warehouse home page.

Your personal search box exclusively searches the items that you have entered into the Utility Warehouse.  To your viewers it appears that you have your own on-line inventory system.  You can enter and delete items immediately.   This capability would easily cost you $1000.00/year or more anywhere else.  With us, there is no middleman.

Take a moment and see how easy it is to enter items
in the Warehouse and then find them in your search box simulated below.  We suggest that you enter several unique words and part numbers, such as "zzz-1234" or "frammis valve" or "gismo"  etc.  Once you have entered your items come back to this page, using the "back" button on your browser,  and search for your items.  You should also search for the items enter using the search box on the Utilitywarehouse home page. 

To Enter Items (click here) use the following username,  password  and  PIN:
Username:   guest          Password:   guest      PIN:    1111

Your page will be provided with the search 
box shown on the right.  It will be connected 
to your own personal on-line inventory.  Your customers  will view and search your inventory
from your own web page.  You update your 
inventory on-line one item at a time or by performing a file upload from a simple spreadsheet. Can be implemented today. 
Only $300/year!

Put this search box on your web page
and have it operating today!

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To view examples of search boxes placed on existing pages 
click on one of the following numbers:

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