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Latest available equipment includes:

47MW LM6000 PD Sprints (2) For Sale  50Hz.  New
Natural Gas   In Europe.    New PF Technology for lower heat rate.  GE Warranty. 

25MW Natural Gas Steam Turbine Power Plant for Sale.
This operational plant was commissioned in 1996 and runs on natural gas, biogas or #6 fuel oil.  60Hz.
Must be moved.    (Click here for details and images.) 

Complete operating power plants for sale for continue operation
4x32MW Westinghouse 251AA   and   4x18MW GE 5000

2 each 125MW Westinghouse 701 GTG 50Hz. dual fuel, refurbished, available immediately


Contact milt@rmaglobal.com 

1,350kW Gas Turbine Generator Sets (2 each ) for Sale  
Model Cullen CTG-1350/MIA Fully-Enclosed  Industrial Grade Generator Sets   with Kawasaki Engines and Stamford Generators Available Immediately   

$395,000 USD

Contact Milt@rmaglobal.com  503-351-9898

MTU Diesel 1720kW Prime, 1880kW Standby 50Hz. 400 Volts. Sound Attenuated.

   $489,000      1200 Gallon On-Board Fuel Tank     Delivery estimated 8-10 weeks
(Click here to download PDF1 Power Module Brochure.)

Diesel Power Modules
Assembled in an ISO 40 HC Container; Class 1;  Exhaust Pancake-style Muffler; Horizontal Discharge Radiator;  Raycor 3-Stage Fuel Filter System; Battery Charger; Jacket-Water Heaters ; Stamford New Age Alternator; Woodward EasyGen Controller; 3200 Amp Siemens Motor Operated Circuit Breaker  Utility Paralleling Control Panel
         Lane Kadel          503 803-2029        lane@rmaglobal.com 

10kW-2,200kW New Engine Generator Sets 50Hz.  Click on GENPOWER  Mention our name for a 1/2% discount.

3.5MW (ISO) Nomad 5 Mobile Gas Turbine Generator units(3) for sale.  (1.1 million each)  Completely refurbished.  Dual fuel, 50Hz., 11kV, 4.490kVA. 

81MW Frame 7EA, 60Hz.  New Surplus,  DLN,  3 available.   Setup as dual liquid fuel (distillate and light crude oil)
  Delivered in 2008
  (Click here for images) 

24MW Diesel Generator Co-Generation Power Plant for Sale.  2 each 12MW MAN 
diesel engine generators sets.  HFO  50Hz.    (Click here for details and image.)  

171MW Power Barge for sale.   GE Frame 7FA 60Hz.  Simple cycle.   100' x 300' barge.  New made to order.  7 month delivery. 

140MW Steam Turbine Generator Plant Equipment for Sale.
2 each 33MW and 2 each 44MW Steam Turbine Generators
Dual Fuel Boilers  60Hz.  Balance of plant

Coal Pulverizers For Sale (Two units for sale.)

4.6MW Solar Centaur Gas Turbine Generator Set for Sale, 60Hz.
10MW (2x5MW) Diesel Power Plant for sale. 50Hz. HFO(#6). Complete power plant
3x3.3MW CAT Diesel Engine Used Power Station: 50Hz., HFO, 3 units, CAT 3612, 6.6kV, Multi-fuel
49kVA GE Frame 6B 60Hz. and balance of plant equipment for sale (Click here for details) 

(frequencies and voltages around the world - click here!)

For more information contact:
 Milt Fyre       503-351-9898           milt@rmaglobal.com 
Lane Kadel     503-803-2029           lane@rmaglobal.com 

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